Faithful Performance | God’s Prophetic Timeline: Messiah’s Final Warning
Faithful Performance is a ministry that correlates the current events of today to the biblical prophets, and specializes in teaching the Jewish roots of Jesus to the Gentiles, while revealing to the Jews that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.
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God’s Prophetic Timeline: Messiah’s Final Warning

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Do you know what time it is on God’s prophetic timeline? Are we currently witnessing the fulfillment of Daniel’s four prophesied kingdoms? Order God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning to understand how the current events of the Middle East and North Africa perfectly correlate to the end of the age prophecies in the Holy Bible!


God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning journeys from the 1948 prophecy unto the 1967 prophecy, on through Daniel’s four prophesied kingdoms that will rise to power before Messiah’s second coming and millennial reign. The journey will culminate with the eternal New Jerusalem, and you will understand Messiah’s final warning, which is the Olivet Discourse (Matt.24-25). Please note, this is not a “date setting” book. However, it does correlate the end of the age prophecies with the current events of today. If you are interested in understanding the end of the age kingdoms and events before Messiah’s second coming, millennial kingdom, and New Jerusalem, which are occurring today, this book is definitely for you!

Praise for God’s Prophetic Timeline: New York Times best selling author of the Islamic Antichrist, Joel Richardson: “Chadwick Harvey does a thorough job of explaining the end of the age prophecies and correlating them with current events and the rise of today’s Middle Eastern kingdoms. He gives a wealth of biblical evidence to confirm that we are witnessing the end of the age events. God’s Prophetic Timeline is a must read!”

In God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning, you will discover:

Introduction – Are We the Terminal Generation?
Chapter 1 – The Terminal Generation (Isaiah 66:8-24, Psalms 102:16,18)
Chapter 2 – The Vision of a Ram and a Goat (Daniel 8)
Chapter 3 – The Vision of the Four Beasts (Kingdoms) (Daniel 7)
Chapter 4 – The People of the Prince Who is to Come (Daniel 9)
Chapter 5 – Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue Dream (Daniel 2)
Chapter 6 – What kingdom is our generation living in today?
Chapter 7 – The Antichrist’s kingdom ( Daniel 7, Revelation 13)
Chapter 8 – Mystery Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots (Revelation 17 & 18)
Chapter 9 – The Second Coming
Chapter 10 – Messiah’s Millennial Kingdom
Chapter 11 – The New Jerusalem
Chapter 12 – Messiah’s Final Warning

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