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Faithful Performance is a ministry that correlates the current events of today to the biblical prophets, and specializes in teaching the Jewish roots of Jesus to the Gentiles, while revealing to the Jews that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.
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God’s Calendar and the Forty Days of Repentance

Hello Friends,

As we journey into an important time period on God’s calendar, the month of repentance (teshuva), please join me on this episode as I discuss the following imperative topics:

  • God’s Calendar (Genesis 1:14)
  • The Lord’s Seven Feasts (Leviticus 23)
  • The Month of Elul (Repentance/Teshuva)
  • Yeshua’s (Jesus) forty days of testing
  • Moses’ forty days of repentance for Israel
  • Why this is important to you and me

Please note: At 14:05, I misspoke. It should be Feast of Trumpets.

God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning:

Introduction – Are We the Terminal Generation?
Chapter 1 – The Terminal Generation (Isaiah 66:8-24, Psalms 102:16,18)
Chapter 2 – The Vision of a Ram and a Goat (Daniel 8)
Chapter 3 – The Vision of the Four Beasts (Kingdoms) (Daniel 7)
Chapter 4 – The People of the Prince Who is to Come (Daniel 9)
Chapter 5 – Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue Dream (Daniel 2)
Chapter 6 – What kingdom is our generation living in today?
Chapter 7 – The Antichrist’s kingdom ( Daniel 7, Revelation 13)
Chapter 8 – Mystery Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots (Revelation 17 & 18)
Chapter 9 – The Second Coming
Chapter 10 – Messiah’s Millennial Kingdom
Chapter 11 – The New Jerusalem
Chapter 12 – Messiah’s Final Warning

God’s Fishermen, Satan’s Hunters, The Unspoken Prophecy that Is Terrorizing the World:

Chapter 1 – God’s Everlasting Covenants
Chapter 2 – The Prophecy of the Fishermen and the Hunters
Chapter 3 – God’s Original Fishermen
Chapter 4 – Satan’s Original Hunters
Chapter 5 – The Mystery of Aliyah
Chapter 6 – God’s End-of-the-Age Fishermen
Chapter 7 – Satan’s End-of-the-Age Hunters and the Aliyah of 2014-2015 from Europe
Chapter 8 – The Aliyah from the United States
Chapter 9 – Satan’s Final Hunter
Chapter 10 – The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
Conclusion – The Role of Messiah’s Fishermen

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