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The Next Great War In the Middle East

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As wars and rumors of wars continue to escalate in the Middle East, it is very imperative for us to understand what the Biblical prophets have proclaimed about this region at the end of the age, primarily the nations and their alliances who will fulfill these incredible prophetic events. In this article, we will discover who these nations and alliances are, the impact of the Syrian civil war on the region, the rise of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish referendum on April 16th (Sunday), the United States attack on Syria, and how all of these things correlate to the next great war in the Middle East. Let us begin by understanding what the Biblical prophets have proclaimed about the end of the age before Messiah’s second coming and millennial reign.

Most Christians believe that once Israel became a nation again in 1948 (Isaiah 66:8), and once the children of Israel recaptured Jerusalem in 1967 (Isaiah 66:8-9, Psalm 102:16,18), these prophetic events “opened the door” for all of the end of the age prophecies to be fulfilled. In fact, Psalm 102:16,18, proclaims, “For when the Lord builds up Zion (Jerusalem), He shall appear in His glory (Second Coming). This is written for the generation to come.” In Hebrew, “generation to come” is Acharon, which means “the terminal/last generation” (Strong’s #314). In other words, once the Lord builds up Jerusalem, which began in 1967, that generation, the 1967 generation, is the terminal, or last generation before the return of the King of Israel, Jesus the Messiah. Assuredly, since 1967, the Lord God has built up Jerusalem in all aspects of the world (Hebrew language, science, natural resources, military, medicine (cures for diseases), settlements, desert blossoming like a rose, et cetera). Therefore, since the 1967 generation is the last generation before Messiah’s second coming and millennial reign (1,000 years), Daniel’s four kingdoms will rise to power before that glorious day and time. In summary, let us review the first three kingdoms of Daniel’s prophecies and discover the profound impact these kingdoms will have not only on the Middle East and North African regions, but also on the superpower nations of the world.

Daniel 2

Gold – Babylonian Empire (Iraq)
Silver – Medo-Persian Empire (Iran)
Bronze – Grecian Empire (Turkey)

Daniel 7

Lion – Babylonian Empire (Iraq)
Bear – Medo-Persian Empire (Iran)
Leopard – Grecian Empire (Turkey)

Daniel 2 and 7 are “brother chapters,” which means all kingdoms in both prophecies perfectly correlate to each other. Since we are living in the last generation before Messiah’s second coming and millennial reign, have we seen these kingdoms begin their fulfillment?

In our book, God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning, we explain in great detail how the fulfillment of these kingdoms have begun since the 1948 and 1967 events, as we journey towards our long awaited destination, which is Messiah’s second coming and millennial reign.

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In 2003, once America dethroned Saddam Hussein from power (Iraq – Babylonian Empire), the first kingdom of Daniel 2 and 7 was fulfilled. Please note, Daniel 2:28 declares the vision is for the “latter days,” which is an eschatological term for the end of the age. Also, Daniel 2:45 proclaims “in the days of these kings, which refers to the Babylonian (Iraq), Medo-Persian (Iran), Grecian (Turkey), and Antichrist kingdoms, the God of heaven will set up Messiah’s kingdom, the Millennial Kingdom (1,000 year reign), in Jerusalem.

Obviously, Daniel 2 and 7 have not been completely fulfilled, because the God of heaven did not set up His kingdom after Nebuchadnezzar (Babylonian), Cyrus (Medo-Persia), and Alexander the Great (Turkey). However, He will set up His eternal kingdom after Saddam Hussein (Iraq – Babylonian), Ayatollah Khomeini (Iran – Medo -Peria), Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey – Grecian), and the Antichrist’s kingdoms are “crushed” by the Stone, Jesus the Messiah (Daniel 2:34-35,44-45). Please note, the Antichrist’s kingdom will be a conglomerate of all three, Lion – Babylonian (Iraq), Bear -Medo-Persian (Iran), and Leopard -Grecian (Turkey).

Revelation 13:2, “Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.

Since the 1948 and 1967 prophecies have been fulfilled, and since we are living in the terminal, or last generation before the return of our glorious King, the first of Daniel’s four kingdoms was fulfilled in 2003 with the fall of Iraq, the Babylonian Empire. This brings us to the second kingdom, the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran), which is the kingdom we have been living in since 2003.

In Daniel 8, he gives us a detailed “road map” about the transfer of power from the second kingdom, the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran), to the third kingdom, the Grecian Empire (Turkey). In Daniel 8:20-21, he confirms these two nations, as the symbolism of the ram is the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran) and the goat is the Grecian Empire (Turkey). Now, let us begin with the second kingdom, the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran).

Daniel tells us once the ram, the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran), comes into power, he will “push westward, northward, and southward, so that no nation can withstand him and he will become very great” (Daniel 8:4). Has this event occurred since the fall of the Babylonian Empire (Iraq) in 2003?

After Saddam Hussein was removed from power in Iraq (2003), it did not take long before Iran (Medo-Persian Empire) began its march “westward, northward, and southward,” just as Daniel 8:4 prophesied. As of 2017, Iran influences more than one-half of Iraq, and the ram is also in direct control of Hezbollah (Lebanon), because they finance the terror group and supply them with weapons. Additionally, after Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh, an ally of Saudi Arabia, stepped down as president in 2011, Iran invaded Yemen, and they currently have influence and control over much of the country. This is a major development, because Yemen is located on Saudi Arabia’s southern border and poses a national security risk. From a biblical standpoint this is profound, because the prophet Isaiah tells us Iran (Medo-Persia) will destroy Saudi Arabia at the end of the age (Isa. 21). To finalize Iran’s military and financial dominance in the Middle East, in 2016, the United States agreed to a catastrophic nuclear deal with the Iranian dictatorship, which included a payment in the amount of $150 billion dollars. In August of 2016, the United States made another disastrous decision by negotiating a $400 million cash payment for the hostages in Iran, although they deny this is a ransom payment.

However, as of September 2016, it has been reported the United States sent $1.7 billion for the hostages, which is four times the original amount! All of these events confirm Daniel 8’s prophecy, “the ram (Iran) did according to his will and became great” (Daniel 8:4). Without any doubt, it is very clear that Daniel’s second kingdom, Iran (Medo-Persia), is the superpower of the Middle East today, as it marches across the region, confirming the sequence of kingdoms in Daniel 2, 7 and 8. As of 2017, our generation, the terminal generation, is living in and witnessing the dominance of the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran) of Daniel 2, 7, and 8.

The Next Great War

As Daniel 8 continues, he also gives us detailed knowledge of the third kingdom, which is the Grecian Empire (Turkey). Daniel vividly explains the rise of the third kingdom, Turkey, which will be the catastrophic dethroning of the second kingdom, Iran (Medo-Persia).

Daniel 8:5-7, “And as I was considering, suddenly a male goat (Turkey) came from the west, across the surface of the whole earth, without touching the ground; Then he (Turkey) came to the ram (Iran) that had two horns, which I had seen standing beside the river, and ran at him (Iran) with furious power. And I saw him (Turkey) confronting the ram (Iran); he (Turkey) was moved with rage against him (Iran), attacked the ram (Iran), and broke his (Iran) two horns. There was no power in the ram (Iran) to withstand him (Turkey), but he (Turkey) cast him (Iran) down to the ground and trampled him (Iran); and there was no one that could deliver the ram (Iran) from his hand (Turkey).”

Contrary to the transfer of power from the Babylonian Empire (Iraq) to the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran), which did not directly involve the two countries, the fall of the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran) and the rise of the Grecian Empire (Turkey) will culminate with the next great war of the Middle East. Daniel prophesies Turkey (goat) “will confront and attack Iran (ram) with furious power and rage, casting Iran to the ground and trampling it.” Certainly, Daniel’s metaphoric language declares a major war will occur between Turkey and Iran, which will be the next great war of the Middle East.

How does Daniel 8 correlate with the current events of the Middle East today? Is Turkey rising to fulfill it’s prophetic calling of the Holy Bible? Is the region of Syria and it’s civil war the spark that ignites the fire of the next great war in the Middle East, which is the great war of Daniel 8?

In 1923, once the Ottoman Empire (Turkey – same as Grecian Empire) collapsed, which ended 600 years of dictatorship, Turkey became a secular Muslim nation, adopting a democratic republic. Throughout the remaining of the century, Turkey became perceived as a moderate Muslim country, as it became a member of NATO (1952). Unfortunately and prophetically, beginning in 2001, with the rise of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP party, he has slowly but surely transformed Turkey back into it’s fundamentalist Islamic ways of the old tyrannical Ottoman Empire dictatorship. In our book, God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning, we explain in great detail about Erdogan’s demonic transformation of Turkey. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • From 2013 unto today, Erdogan has been suppressing the Turkish courts, judges, media, journalists, social media, et, cetera
  • In December of 2015, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia approved Turkish president Erdogan to enter the gates of the Kaaba (Bab-Illah) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to worship and pray to Allah (Satan). As the Gate and Tower of Bab-Illah (Kaaba) is very sacred in Islam, this only happens to someone whom they feel is “godly.”
  • In July 2016, Erdogan staged a military coup so that he could further subdue the nation of Turkey and implement his dictatorship. The aftermath of the coup confirms Erdogan’s ultimate plan as 20,000 plotters, 20,000 teachers, 10,000 police officers, 115 generals and admirals, 15,000 soldiers, 3,000 judges (1/3 of all judges in Turkey), including government officials were investigated, interrogated, jailed, and/or released from their duties. In other words, Erdogan is silencing his opposition so that he can achieve his ultimate goal, which is to  revived the tyrannical dictatorship of the old Ottoman Empire (Grecian Empire). Once this occurs, it will fulfill Daniel’s third kingdom in perfect sequence (Daniel 2,7,8).

Please note, on April 16, 2017 (Sunday), there is a referendum vote in Turkey that if passed, will give Erdogan “full and total control” over the nation of Turkey in ALL capacities. We can have confidence this will be approved because of Erdogan’s tyranny he has shown with the courts, the coup, and several other events over the years. Once Erdogan receives his dictatorship on April 16th, he will proceed with his prophetic calling in Daniel 8, which is a war of Biblical proportions against not only the ram, Medo-Persia (Iran), but the entire Middle East region.

Therefore, it begs the question, “What will be the spark that lights the fire of the next great war in the Middle East?” The answer is the region of Syria. Before we discuss this prophetic region, let us first understand the allies of Iran and Turkey, including the superpowers and terrorist organizations who support each one.

Medo-Persia (Iran)

  1. Russia
  2. China
  3. Lebanon (Hezbollah)
  4. Hamas
  5. Syria (Assad)

Grecian/Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

  1. United States
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. ISIS
  4. Germany
  5. Japan

The six-year Syrian civil war seems to reach new destructive pinnacles as time passes, provoking the superpowers of the world to get involved. Iran, who is the second kingdom of Daniel’s prophecies, directly supports the Assad regime (Syria), supplying them with ground troops, financial aid, and weapons. Iran’s allies, Russia, Hezbollah, Hamas, and China, also support Assad and his Syrian regime. Contrary, Turkey, the third kingdom of Daniel’s prophecies, who will “confront, attack, and trample Iran” (Dan. 8:7), does not support Assad and the current Syrian regime. Why? Let us discover what the dictator, Erdogan, declares about this prophetic situation.

“Syria is responsible for the terrorism since it refuses to accept our solutions . . . When we speak of Syria or the Balkans or the Caucasus, these were part of our [Ottoman] geography from 100 years ago. I believe we will overcome all the obstacles in front of us, which will be the will of Allah . . . . Turkey has a massive power and will use it … We are more confident today about our future because since the morning of July the 15th (Turkey coup), we are more powerful, we are now in a place that looks more hopeful . . . Our commitment in achieving the 2023 target. Turkey will cut off the front foot with the diplomatic games. We will continue to remove, those who played their games.” Erdogan continued to add, “what I promised in Syria, Iraq, the Balkans and the Caucasus is now within reach.

According to Erdogan’s own words, Syria is on the list to be conquered by Turkey, as it was included in the Ottoman Empire’s geography. He also proclaims his ultimate plan is to revive the tyrannical Ottoman empire by 2023, which is exactly 100 years after it’s fall from power. Erdogan continued to boastfully proclaim, “what I promised in Syria, Iraq, the Balkans, and the Caucasus, is now within reach.”

Another interesting twist to the year 2023 is found in the Hadith, which is a collection of oral sayings and traditions by Mohammad (Islam), who was influenced by Satan. In the Hadith, Mohammad declares, “Allah (Satan) will, on the new years of every one hundred years, send to the Umma (Muslim World) one who will re-arise to renew its religion.” As we have discussed, the Ottoman Empire fell in 1923, therefore, one hundred years later is 2023. Certainly, Erdogan, as a Muslim, has knowledge of Mohammad’s prophecy. Again, Erdogan’s ultimate goal is to revive the tyrannical Ottoman Empire (Grecian Empire), which will exalt him as the caliph, or leader of the Muslim world.

Erdogan boldly declared the above quote as Turkish armies and tanks entered Syria on August 24th, 2016, which was the 500th year anniversary of the Ottoman Empire’s victory in Dabiq, Syria, which began their 600-year tyrannical reign in the Middle East. In 1516, the battle was called the Battle of Dabiq, and in 2016-2017, it is being called “Operation Euphrates Shield.” The Euphrates Shield is correlated with the memory of the Ottoman (Turkish) invasion of Syria at Dabiq. My friends, as we know, history repeats itself, and the Turkish invasion of Dabiq, Syria on August 24th, 2016, could be the spark that ignites the fire of the next great war in the Middle East, which would culminate with Turkey crushing Iran and becoming the superpower of the Middle East (Revived Ottoman/Grecian Empire).

Pouring fuel on the spark, after chemical weapons were used to kill 86 people this past week in Syria, including women and children, the United States bombed a Syrian air base with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, escalating the already climatic tensions in the Syrian civil war. In fact, Assad (Syrian) allies, Iran and Russia stated: “What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”

Two major allies of Assad, Russia and Iran, have boldly and sternly backed him and the current Syrian regime. On the contrary, the United States has clearly rejected the Assad regime in Syria, which aligns with Erdogan and Turkey’s ultimate plan. Let us review some of the rhetoric by some of the United States leaders and spokesmen on the Assad regime.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, “steps are underway” to form an “international coalition” to pressure Assad out of power. While on a trip to Turkey, Tillerson said that “longer-term status of Assad would be decided by the Syrian people.”

When the Secretary of State uses the term, “international coalition,” it is code language for the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, et cetera, to force Assad out of office, which will be the catalyst for the next great war in the Middle East between Iran and Turkey. This is the exact language and actions that perfectly correlates to Erdogan’s ultimate plan, which is to revived the Ottoman Empire (Grecian Empire), fulfilling the 3rd kingdom of Daniel 2, 7, and 8. Other U.S. leaders have also chimed in about Assad and Syria.

Whitehouse press secretary, Sean Spicer proclaimed, “Trump wants to see the removal of Assad.”

American UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, recently said, “we don’t see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there.”

General McMaster just recently said in a UN meeting, “It’s very difficult to understand how a political solution results from a continuation of the Assad regime… We’re not saying that we’re the ones to effect that change.”

John McCain of Arizona, who spoke to Trump on Wednesday, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said in a statement Thursday that Syrian President Bashar Assad, “has crossed a line,” and “must pay a punitive cost for this horrific attack.” Lindsay Graham added, “Hit this guy, you’ve got my full permission.”

On the other hand, let us discover how the United States government perceives Turkey and President Erdogan. Trump praised Erdogan for his prevention of the coup (July 2016), saying: “I give him great credit for being able to turn that around,” and while Trump promoted a ban on certain Islamic countries, this did not bother the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Covusoglu, who said of the US president: “I was actually expecting Trump to win the election …The Trump administration is one we could cooperate with …I know he is a pragmatic person. Many of our views overlap.”

It was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has called on US President Donald Trump to back up his harsh words against Syria with actions, following the deadly chemical attack this past week.

“Trump said it was impossible to close your eyes against the Assad regime’s hateful actions. Thank you, but don’t limit yourself to comments, we need action,” Erdogan told Turkey’s Kanal 7 television. Erdogan also added, “If it truly is a matter of actions, then Turkey is ready to take its responsibilities. We will not back down,” he said.

Just last month, Rex Tillerson was in Turkey where he shared a platform with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. In the talk, Tillerson affirmed: “We stand with Turkey and their fight to stop terrorism directed against its country and its people.”

General Flynn, who is no longer involved in the Trump administration, wrote in a 2016 article entitled: Our ally Turkey is in crisis and needs our support. “Turkey is vital to U.S. interests. Turkey is really our strongest ally against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as well as a source of stability in the region.  It provides badly needed cooperation with U.S. military operations. But the Obama administration is keeping Erdoğan’s government at arm’s length — an unwise policy that threatens our long-standing alliance.” He later on writes: “We need to adjust our foreign policy to recognize Turkey as a priority.”

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia, one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and who is an ally to the United States and Turkey, and enemy to Iran and Syria, has long awaited for the Assad dynasty in Syria to end. “The Saudis have wanted Washington to get rid of Assad for years. Riyadh believes the Assad dynasty is the key to Iranian influence in the Levant. In the 1980s the Saudis tried to get then-President Ronald Reagan to oust Bashar’s father, Hafez al-Assad, and in the 1990s they hoped Washington would entice Damascus away from Tehran by a peace agreement with Israel on the Golan Heights. Neither strategy worked, but both relied on American heavy lifting to do the job. Both expected Washington to be capable of delivering more than it could. That is a common feature of Saudi foreign policy: to expect the United States to be all powerful. When the Arab Spring came to Syria (2011), the Saudis hoped an Afghan-style mujaheddin war with covert Saudi and American support would do in the Assads and the Iranians. Riyadh spent billions on the rebels, but Assad is stronger today than at the onset of the rebellion. The Saudis were deeply disappointed by President Barack Obama’s vacillation on his approach toward Syria.”

What about ISIS?

Although world leaders and the mainstream media speak of an ISIS caliphate in the Middle East, it is not biblical, as ISIS will eventually fall under Turkey’s caliphate and dominant reign. In fact, in July of 2015, as the United States special forces raided a compound housing Abu Sayyaf, the ISIS chief financial officer, they produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members. Make no mistake, Turkey is and will be the leader of the Islamic caliphate, just as the Biblical prophets foretold. Indeed, ISIS is Turkey’s “little brother” who does their dirty work, creating chaos so that Turkey can revive the Ottoman Empire. Remember, on August 24, 2016, Turkey invaded Dabiq, Syria. What is Dabiq to ISIS and Turkey? Why is the invasion called “Operation Euphrates Shield”?

A certain Arabic source states:

“The use of Dabiq by Isis is symbolic of the major historical event at Dabiq, it is the name of the battle the Ottomans (Turkey) won which paved the way for their occupation of Iraq and the Levant for more than four centuries, as well as being the springboard for the Islamic armies to fight the Rum (Romans/Europeans) in their quest for world domination.”

Furthermore, ISIS’ television station is called “Dabiq,” and the terror group calls its magazine Dabiq, dedicating it to the Ottoman (Turkey) victory at Dabiq, Syria. Even the ISIS flag is an Ottoman (Turkish) insignia, which is the insignia of Islam’s prophet Muhammad’s ring, which comes from the Turkish Topkapi museum; Everything about ISIS correlates to Dabiq, which is in honor of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

In conclusion, once the 1948 and 1967 prophecies were fulfilled, Daniel’s four kingdoms would come to fulfillment before Messiah’s second coming and millennial reign. In 2003, the first kingdom was fulfilled, the Babylonian Empire (Iraq), and as of today, we are living in the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran). The Grecian Empire (Turkey) is the next empire to be fulfilled, and it will complete it’s prophetic calling after it dominates and crushes the Medo-Persian Empire (Iran). As the Syrian civil war escalates between the superpowers of the world, including Iran and Turkey, it could be the spark that lights the flame to the next great war in the Middle East. Remember, Erdogan’s goal is to have the revived Ottoman Empire by 2023, which includes the land of Syria. For the “roadmap” from this point forward, please read Daniel 8, as it will journey to the rise of the Antichrist, who will come after the first king, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. My friends, if you want Biblical prophecy, you see it, and if you want end times, you are living in it. I pray that you will watch as Messiah commanded (Matt.24-25), being a wise virgin and not a foolish one, keeping your lamps trimmed with oil! Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Please Note: If you would like to discover in depth the prophecies of Daniel 2,7, and 8, and also Revelation 13 and 17, and how they correlate with today’s events in the Middle East and North Africa, God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning is for you! It will journey you through the 1948 and 1967 prophecies, and onward through the prophecies of Daniel, as it perfectly correlates with today’s kingdoms and events in the Middle East. In this book, you will also discover the major battlefront of Messiah’s second coming, His millennial kingdom from Jerusalem, and Eternity, the New Jerusalem! In conclusion, you will completely understand Messiah’s final warning! Thank you for your support, God bless, Chadwick.

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God’s Prophetic Timeline, Messiah’s Final Warning

Chapter 1 – The Terminal Generation (1948 & 1967 Prophecies)
Chapter 2 – The Vision of a Ram and a Goat (Daniel 8)
Chapter 3 – The Vision of the Four Beasts (Daniel 7)
Chapter 4 – The People of the Prince Who is to Come (Daniel 9)
Chapter 5 – Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue Dream (Daniel 2)
Chapter 6 – What kingdom is our generation living in today?
Chapter 7 – The Antichrist’s kingdom
Chapter 8 – Mystery Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots
Chapter 9 – The Second Coming
Chapter 10 – Messiah’s Millennial Kingdom
Chapter 11 – The New Jerusalem
Chapter 12 – Messiah’s Final Warning


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